Capturing real emotions from authentic couples

Our specialty is capturing raw moments throughout your wedding day and editing them into a short film that you can watch and relive your wedding day at any time.

What to Expect

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     We film with state of the art 4K High definition cameras and use high quality microphones to ensure we are able to capture every moment of your day in the best way possible.

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     Depending on the package you select, we make several different edits for you to be able to go back and relive any part of your day. These include a cinematic film showcasing the entire day, a full ceremony film, full toasts, and a video with the extra moments that didn't make it into the other films. We purchase royalty free music to use in our videos to prevent copyright infringement.

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     There are several options for delivery of your final videos. Our most common method is to post the highlight video on YouTube so you can share it with all of you friends and family as well as sending the video files to you through Google Drive or a Thumb Drive. We can also create DVDs.

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