Our Story

About D and H Films

After becoming best friends in 2016, we quickly found out that we shared a common interest in filmmaking. After years of creating fun videos and short films for ourselves, we decided that we wanted to start making films for others, so we started D and H films.


"I want to share my passion and help other people tell their stories."

Filmmaking has always been one of those things in my life that brings me joy. I started making films at a young age with a massive VCR camcorder. I loved every minute of it and kept practicing and making fun videos with friends. After a while of making videos for fun, I decided I wanted to share my passion and help other people tell their stories.

Matthew Holbrook

"I want to get to know you and your story."

Telling stories to my friends and family has always been one of the most fun things in my life. Video, for me, is just another way of telling stories. Making visions a reality and finding new ways of capturing audiences never gets old to me. I love seeing stories come together at the end of a project. 

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